DODGEBALL : Getting hit in the nuts is funny.


dir. Thurber
Opens Fri June 18
Various Theaters

The first time I saw Happy Gilmore I was sitting in my friend Jason-the-Hesher's bedroom smoking a three-foot bong. It was a glorious experience. We laughed so hard I farted, but that was only another uproarious joke in an evening filled with uncontrollable, psychotic laughter. A week later I rented and watched the movie with my parents and spent the whole time feeling really stupid and trying to explain why it was funny. (Note: A similar incident occurred with the film Nick of Time). Regardless, Happy Gilmore is the absurd story of an underdog beating a chumpy jock competitor, and the same goes for Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

In fact, these two movies share almost the exact same premise, and some of the same jokes. In Happy, Adam Sandler is trying to save his grandma's house from the evil clutches of pro-golfer Shooter McGavin by beating him in a tournament. He's coached to success by former golf pro Chubbs Peterson, and eventually, learns to love the game, whether Chubbs continues with his help or not. In Dodgeball, Vince Vaughn is trying to save his hometown gym, Average Joe's, from the evil clutches of exercise guru and corporate gym owner, White Goodman (Ben Stiller), by beating him in a dodgeball tournament. He is coached to success by a former dodgeball pro, Patches O'Houlihan, and eventually, learns to love the game, whether Patches lives or is suddenly crushed by a Lucky Charms billboard.

Really, the only difference between the two movies is a slight difference in characterization and style; Vince Vaughn is playing on a team instead of in a solo sport, and Happy Gilmore is overall, a little bit funnier. See this movie if you like stupid--but hilarious--stoner humor, like people getting hit in the nuts and saying the word "testicles" during pro-sporting events. And if you do see it, please take a friend with a similarly immature sense of humor, and also, if you've got any weed, by all means, SMOKE IT.