dir. Glatzer, West
Opens Fri Jan 25
Cinema 21

A fluffer, if you didn't know, is a person who gives oral sex to a male porn star, right before the star performs. Of course, the purpose of the blowjob is to keep the porn star's wanker hard, so that he appears virile and robust while penetrating the anus or vagina of his co-star.

Fluffer, the movie, is about a guy who fluffs. His name is Sean McGinnis (Michael Cunio), and he's an ADORABLE 22-year-old who moves to LA and stumbles into the porn scene after accidentally renting Citizen Cum instead of Citizen Kane. I'm sure you'll want to watch this movie because of the subject matter, and that part is interesting; witnessing a culture in which one can give a blowjob as nonchalantly as they change the videotape in the camera is bizarre. And like I said, Cunio as Sean is incredibly cute. Yet beyond these hooks, the plot runs a little thin.

Once Sean watches his first porn flick, he's hooked--obsessed with a porn star whose screen name is Johnny Rebel (Scott Gurney). Sean maniacally rents all of Johnny Rebel's videos and eventually, gets a job as a cameraman for the company that has a contract with Johnny Rebel. Before he knows it, Sean is fluffing Johnny on a regular basis, and this leads to Sean's confusion about sex, and what it means, emotionally speaking.

Meanwhile, Johnny's own life begins to fall apart. His girlfriend gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby, he grows increasingly addicted to coke, and his normally stellar penis starts to become flaccid. These subplots are all interesting, and the acting is pretty good, but the main story line--Sean's obsession with Johnny--just isn't very believable. Sean is in love with a total loser, even though Johnny is a complete jerk to Sean all the time. Plus, the writer of the script tries to imply that Sean's love for Johnny grows out of an underdeveloped, early-childhood incident in which Sean gave a blowjob to a neighbor. They keep flashing back to it, but without completing the scene or explaining it.

But anyway, I'm sure you'll see the movie regardless, as I certainly would have, even if someone told me it was only so-so. If nothing else, you'll be glad you're not a porn star or a fluffer.