Hung over? Remorseful? Never going to drink again? I've got your prescription: watch these videos between dry heaves, and you'll realize a life of alcoholism is truly a life of whimsy!

Shakes the Clown (1992)--Bobcat Goldthwait plays Shakes, a drunken, down-in-the-dumps clown who's framed for murder. What's more chilling is that he also wrote the script; is it a thinly-disguised auto-biography? A final love note to fans? Double entendres abound.

Leaving Las Vegas
(1995)--Nic Cage and Liz Shue meld slapstick with hooch in this flick that'll surely either make you quit drinking forever or fling yourself to the wanton throes of liquor. It's a laff riot...a real laff riot.

Barfly (1987)--The quintessential drinking movie about President of the Souses of America, Charles Bukowski, starring that predatory can of white heat, Mickey Rourke. Proves you don't have to bathe to be glamorous...ever.

Tree's Lounge (1996)--Steve Buscemi self-actualizes as an alkie ice cream truck driver who gets to bed a young, beautiful Chloe Sevigny. Well-acted, well-scripted, and a virtual horse trough of booze! JULIANNE SHEPHERD