Drunk Again

For fans of drinkin' and drivin' movies, there is nothing worse than a film full of drunks who kick the sauce in order to exhort a sobering and redemptive finale. In the following booze-heavy films, drunkards are portrayed as they are; funny, sad, sexy, angry, horny, and stupid, and no one goes crying to AA afterwards. Cheers!

The Thin Man, After the Thin Man, Another Thin Man, Shadow of the Thin Man, Thin Man Goes Home, Song of the Thin Man ('34, '36, '39, '41, '44, '47)--Martinis and hi-balls rule in this series of six black and white comic mysteries, produced between 1934 and 1947, loosely based on the work of Dashiell Hammett. Nick and Nora Charles (William Powell and Myrna Loy) solve murders fully soused, while exchanging sophisticated repartee. Drinking and driving, drinking and shooting, drinking and fist-fighting, drinking and drinking, these clever comedies are all about drinking! One-stop-shopping for all your witty drinking lines too, such as Nick's classic, "Come on. Let's get something to eat. I'm thirsty."

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966)--One of the best downer-drinking movies in history. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor kick ass and take no prisoners in this mind-numbing tale of a middle-aged drunken couple everyone loves to hate. Drinking game rule number 1: Drink whenever you hear the names, George or Martha. George: "Martha? Rubbing alcohol for you?" Martha: "Sure! Never mix, never worry!"

Beer (1985)--Loretta Swit and David Alan Grier. Who'da thunk it? Swit plays an ad-exec that comes up with a new marketing campaign for Norbecker Beer, using three average guys as role models for men who "reached out for the American dream and came up with a beer in one hand and their dicks in the other." This flick is funnier than it should be. Bar-brawl-bowling with midgets, gay bathhouses, beer-can fellatio, erectile dysfunction, and plenty of classic beer ads--all adds up to good old fashioned fun.

Strange Brew (1983)--This pedantic hoser comedy is a giggler. It's moronic fun and chock full of memorable lines such as, "If I didn't have puke breath I'd kiss you," and, "I gotta take a leak so bad I can taste it." Max von Sydow as Brewmeister Smith steals the show, as does the flying dog.