People born on New Year's Day think they're pretty freakin' special. Well, I got news for you, big babies--yer not! It's just another day. In fact, it's not even the first day of the year in at least 1/3 of the countries on Earth. But there are exceptions to every rule, and these celebrities prove that some New Year's Babies are part of a "special people's club."

- Masters of the Universe (1987)--Frank Langella--born Jan. 1, 1940--made a memorable impression as the live-action counterpart to the toy version of Skeletor, He-Man's nemesis in this silly but lavish production. Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV) is hilariously wooden as He-Man, and Langella brings a theatrical depth and complexity to a character based on a plastic toy--which is not an easy feat. Courtney Cox (pre-Arquette) also makes her film debut as the sad teen orphan who befriends He-Man.

- Punch Drunk Love (2002)--Director P.T. Anderson--born Jan. 1, 1970--has made some of the best films of the last decade, including Boogie Nights and Magnolia, but it was Punch Drunk Love that sealed the deal. This sly, funny, and quiet movie showcases Adam Sandler's talents as a mumbling, pudding-obsessed introvert who finally meets a woman who likes him. The use of color and silence make this a must-see romantic-comedy for those who HATE rom-coms. After seeing PDL, you can absolve Mr. Anderson for being the boyfriend of skeletal rocker Fiona Apple.

- Pitch Black (2000)--Radha Mitchell--born Jan. 1, 1973-- kicks some major ass as the leader of space travelers shipwrecked on an inhospitable planet. The creepy inhabitants are nasty demon creatures who can only exist in the dark (hence the film's title) and it's up to Ms. Mitchell and Vin Diesel to chopsocky the icky nasties into oblivion. The film boasts non-intrusive and elegant digital effects, and a truly spectacular opening crash sequenceÉ so hold on to your twinkies, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! BRIAN BRAIT