Thursday, November 7

8:00 CBS SURVIVOR THAILANDThe two tribes throw a massive party to celebrate the skater dude being kicked off the island.

9:00 TNN THE WARRIORS--Movie(1979) You know, I was in New York recently, and I didn't see any gangs wearing furry vests or baseball uniforms!

Friday, November 8

8:00 <>FOX FIREFLYAfter being accused of witchcraft by the residents of a border town, River says "screw you guys" and flies off on her broom.

10:00 HBO AUTOPSY 8: DEAD GIVEAWAYForensic pathologists stick their hands in tubs of dead guts to solve icky murders!

Saturday, November 9

9:30 am <>WB MUCHA LUCHA!Check out this new heee-larious cartoon about a family of Mexican wrestler/superheroes!

8:00 ABC SAVING PRIVATE RYAN--Movie(1998) Spielberg's attempt to prove he's not a big puss, by making a big nasty war movie.

Sunday, November 10

9:00 <>ABC ALIASNow that Sydney thinks her pop is a big dumb liar, Jack must convince her he's not by concocting another big dumb lie.

9:00 WB ANGELA mysterious occurrence causes the gang to revert back to their high school personas, which means a kegger tonight in the woods! Woooo-HOOOOO!!!

Monday, November 11

10:00 <>ABC MONKIt's up to Monk to save the day when a music exec is murdered and the prime suspect is... Willie Nelson?!?

Tuesday, November 12

8:00 <>UPN BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYERThe Scoobies "see dead people" and a lot of 'em, including a visit from Buffy and Dawn's dead mom. Ewwww!

9:00 FOX 24Jack forgets to pack an extra pair of underpants, and pays for it when a gang of terrorists scare the poop out of him.

Wednesday, October 139:00 NBC THE WEST WINGPresident Bartlet and his opponent get a scare on election night when they learn Florida has instituted a new method of voting: throwing darts at their pictures.

10:00 ABC THE BARBARA WALTERS SPECIALBarbara welcomes special guest Whitney Houston, and the two of them smoke more dope than a Cheech & Chong movie.