Thursday, November 14

8:00 <>CBS SURVIVOR THAILANDTonight, the ninth tribe member is kicked off, but is given a commercial spokesperson deal for Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

9:00 WB JAMIE KENNEDY EXPERIMENTJamie hosts a "Star Trek Focus Group." Ha, HAWWW! Lookit the nerds! Lookit the nerds!

Friday, November 15

9:00 <>FAM CRISS ANGEL: MIND FREAKWeirdo "extreme" magician performs tricks in NYC. Excuse me, but I don't believe I want my mind "freaked."

9:00 BET LET'S DO IT AGAIN--Movie(1975) Bill Cosby and Harry Belafonte whoop it up again in this heee-larious sequel to Uptown Saturday Night.

Saturday, November 16

8:00 <>ABC THE SIXTH SENSE--Movie(1999) Bruce Willis plays a therapist who gets shot by Donnie Wahlberg and spends the rest of the movie pretending he's not croaked.

8:00 AMC ALIENS--Movie(1986) The best outer-space bug hunt EVER (if you don't count Starship Troopers).

Sunday, November 17

9:00 <>ABC ALIASSydney must go to extreme measures to secure an antidote for her sicky-wicky, smoochy-woochy boyfriend.

10:30 HBO CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASMSeason Finale! Larry fires his head chef, pisses off a food critic, and basically alienates everyone in Los Angeles.

Monday, November 18

8:00 <>VH1 THE SECRET WORLD OF KURT COBAINAs it turns out, Kurt Cobain was a model train collector. Huh. I did not know that.

Tuesday, November 19

8:00 <> UPN BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYERThe Scoobs get their panties in a bunch when Spike is accused of a series of attacks.

9:00 WB SMALLVILLEClark is justifiably alarmed when both Lana and Chloe fall for that prick Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement)!

Wednesday, November 20

9:00 <>ABC THE BACHELORAaron the rich jock bachelor finally achieves his dream of choosing one woman and humiliating the other.

9:00 NBC THE WEST WINGAn Iranian leader asks President Bartlet if his son can have a life-saving surgery in the states. The Prez responds with "Eat me!" and dances around in his "Rock 'n' Rolla with the Ayatollah" T-shirt.