Thursday, August 7 8:00 FOX BEVERLY HILLS 90210 10-YEAR REUNION The whole gang (except Donna) returns to compare memories and colostomy bags.

10:00 COM INSOMNIAC CLIPMOBILE SPECIAL For those who get bored with Dave Attell's nightlife travelogues, here's the best of the best clips from two seasons of Insomniac.

Friday, August 8 9:00 TRAV DONNY OSMOND'S ANIMAL ADVENTURES Unfortunately this is a show about Donny Osmond petting animals--and NOT engaging in anal sex!

10:00 COM DENIS LEARY: BEHIND THE ANGER Comedian Leary responds to friends' critiques of his life and career. Poor Denis? POOR ME!!

Saturday, August 9 8:00 HIS SOVIET UFO SECRETS REVEALED As if the Rooskies don't have enough problems, here are some true stories of their adventures with butt-poking aliens.

9:00 UPN PORKY'S II: THE NEXT DAY--Movie (1983) Okay, I think enough time has past where we can now assimilate these adventures of the Porky's gang, 24 hours later.

Sunday, August 10 10:00 FX NIP/TUCK Sean's son devises a rather gruesome solution to his problem when his father refuses to grant him a circumcision.

10:30 HBO PROJECT GREENLIGHT The film is shot and in the can, which means it's time for the directors to finish screwing up their movie in the editing room.

Monday, August 11 8:00 ABC THAT'S INCREDIBLE: THE REUNION Hosts John Davidson and Cathie Lee Crosby hobble back onstage to introduce clips of people doing incredibly idiotic tricks.

Tuesday, August 12 9:00 FOX THE O.C. Seth gets the bright idea to hide Ryan in a nearby vacant house--which is far nicer than anything he's ever lived in.

10:00 A&E MI-5 Those damned anarchists are mucking up a globalization conference, and it's up to this Limey version of the CIA to stop 'em.

Wednesday, August 13 8:00 A&E BIOGRAPHY The life and times of the Las Vegas legend and gayest gay since Gaylord McGayerson, Liberace!

10:30 COM RENO 911! Don't miss this hee-larious parody of Cops from the comedy troupe who gave us Viva Variety!