THURSDAY, JUNE 10 9:00 BRAVO CELEBRITY POKER SHOWDOWN Star Jones, Norm McDonald, and Michael Ian Black embarrass themselves with their lack of poker know-how. 10:00 NBC E.R. In this manipulative repeat, Dr. Weaver becomes a lesbian, gets cancer, has a baby, and gets a helicopter dropped on her.

FRIDAY, JUNE 11 8:00 FOX OUTRAGEOUS CELEBRITY LOOK-ALIKE BEHAVIOR Celebrity impersonators dress up like the real thing, go out in public, and act like assholes. Hey, we've got a show! 10:00 E! DR. 90210 Debut! Sorry, this is a new reality show about a Hollywood plastic surgeon, not the story of the doctor who supplied drugs to Shannen Doherty.

SATURDAY, JUNE 12 9:00 UPN BLADE RUNNER--Movie (1982) Hunky Harrison Ford goes on an android hunt and gets an ass-kickin' from Rutger Hauer. 9:30 MTV 2004 MTV MOVIE AWARDS The annual awards show, this time hosted by jailbait du jour, Lindsay Lohan.

SUNDAY, JUNE 13 6:00 HLMRK PARENT TRAP DOUBLE FEATURE! (1961 & 1998) Two versions of the classic story of twins trying to get their divorced parents back together; starring Hayley Mills and the aforementioned Lindsay Lohan!

MONDAY, JUNE 14 8:00 FOX NORTH SHORE Debut! The hot n' sexy guilty pleasure of the summer, starring a bunch of half naked people. 9:00 FOX THE CASINO Debut! Mark "Survivor" Burnett's newest reality show set in the Golden Nugget casino in Vegas. 10:00 NBC NEXT ACTION STAR Debut! 30 aspiring action heroes compete to star inÉ a TV movie produced by Joel Silver?!? WOW! I just crapped my pants!!!

TUESDAY, JUNE 15 9:00 WB SUMMERLAND Ava finds a marijuana cigarette in Bradin's jeans! Too bad Ronald Reagan isn't around to "just say no." 10:00 GSN EXTREME DODGEBALL Debut! Teams compete in the ultimate dodgeball championship, hosted by Survivor Jerri Manthey.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16 8:00 FOX THREE NEW SHOWS! Debut! The Simple Life 2 returns with Paris and Nicole at 8 pm, Andy Richter stars as a befuddled dad in Quintuplets at 8:30, and Method & Red blow blunts in the 'burbs at 9:30. Hilarity, this is your cue to ensue.