THURSDAY, JUNE 17 8:00 WB PEPSI SMASH The summer music concert series continues with guests Alicia Keys and Kanye West. This listing brought to you by the delicious (ahhhh!) taste of Pepsi. 10:00 GSN KENNY VS. SPENNY Kenny uses a variety of pharmaceutical products to cheat and win in this week's competition, "Who Can Stay Up the Longest?"

FRIDAY, JUNE 18 8:00 TBS ZOOLANDER--Movie (2001) Ben Stiller stars as a male model who must befriend his chief rival (Owen Wilson) to thwart an assassination plot. 9:00 VH1 AWESOMELY OVERSEXED An in-depth report of the porking habits of celebrities.

SATURDAY, JUNE 19 9:30 COM RENO 911! The department is alarmed when they discover that Wiegel's new boyfriend may be the Truckee River Killer! 10:00 ABC SLEEP: HOW TO GET THE REST OF YOUR LIFE Tips and the latest treatments on how to solve America's #1 problem, sleep deprivazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzÉ

SUNDAY, JUNE 20 8:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Stand up and cheer, Fox has wisely picked up the funniest show on television for another season! 9:00 HBO SIX FEET UNDER Honeymooners Ruth and George continue to gross out the house with their "old folks sex." Eww!

MONDAY, JUNE 21 8:00 FOX NORTH SHORE A guest suspiciously tries to wrangle a job as a maid in the hotel. Meanwhile, the sexiest people in the world walk around half-naked.

TUESDAY, JUNE 22 8:00 FOX THE BERNIE MAC SHOW Bernie is forced to dress up like a clown on his birthday. Is there such a thing as reverse racial profiling? 9:00 WB SUMMERLAND The clue train pulls into the station, and Ava finally figures out why she was dumped by Johnny.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23 8:00 NBC T.H.E.M. Debut! A troupe of practical jokers (aka "assholes") ply their trade on an unsuspecting group of tourists. 9:00 FOX THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 Nicole and Paris can finally relax a little after getting jobs as maids at the Caliente Nudist Colony.