THURSday SEPT. 2 9:00 TRAV WORLD POKER TOUR Another "Hollywood Home Game" with tonight's guests, Ed Asner, Sharon Lawrence, and recovering gambling addict Ben Affleck. 9:30 NBC WILL & GRACE Meanwhile, J.LO (whose incessant nagging drove Affleck to gambling in the first place) makes a guest appearance.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 3 10:00 A&E ROCKY IV--Movie (1985) Rocky opens up a can of red, white and blue whup-ass when a goddamn commie murders Apollo Creed! 10:30 TOON FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS Don't miss this adorably sad and funny new cartoon about a half-way house for children's imaginary friends.

SAturday, SEPT. 4 10:00 E! SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE A terrific repeat episode with musical guest Usher and barely legal hottie Lindsay Lohan. 11:00 TOON THE VENTURE BROTHERS A hilarious and often dirty parody of Jonny Quest cartoons from the '60s. Tonight: Dr. Venture's invention goes awry, and shrinks the team down teeny-weeny!

SUNday, SEPT. 5 9:00 NBC BEAN--Movie (1997) Based on the BBC's Mr. Bean series, Rowan Atkinson stars as a bumbling nit who ruins a fancy art opening. 9:00 HBO SIX FEET UNDER Season Finale! David and Nate's legal troubles come to a headÉ and will somebody please get Claire off the dope?

MONday, SEPT. 6 8:00 BRAVO MIAMI SLICE Debut! A new six-part documentary series about Miami plastic surgeons and their hideous-looking patients.

TUESday, SEPT. 7 9:00 NBC FATHER OF THE PRIDE NBC's send-up of the sitcom set in Siegfried and Roy's magical animal garden. 9:00 FOX THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP Debut! A new boxing reality show that Fox rushed on the air to beat NBC to the punch. Get it?! "PUNCH??" Ahhh-HAW-HAW!

WED., SEPTEMBER 8 8:00 NBC HAWAII Kind of like Miami Vice, except set in Hawaii and instead of wearing pastels, everybody surfs and smokes pot. 10:00 FX RESCUE ME Tommy finds himself in dutch with the old lady after she catches him with one of his hoores. (That's New Jersey for "whores.")