THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23 8:00 FOX THE O.C. In this "Chrismukkah" repeat from last year, Seth struggles between choosing sexy Summer or homely Anna.

8:00 UPN WWE SMACK DOWN The WWE wrestlers try to cheer up our soldiers in the Middle East, which might work if one of them wasn't named the "Undertaker."

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24 8:00 TBS A CHRISTMAS STORY MARATHON 24 freaking hours of Ralphie shooting his eye out with a B.B. gun.

8:00 FAM CREEPY WOODEN PUPPET MARATHON All the Rankin/Bass creepy wooden puppet specials including Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town!

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 25 8:00 ABC THE SOUND OF MUSIC--Movie (1965) Foxy governess saves a clan of singing Austrian kids from goose-steppin' krauts.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26 9:00 COM THE DAILY SHOW MARATHON The best episodes of 2004, humbly packaged as "The Five Most Important Half-Hours of Television Ever."

9:00 CBS OCEAN'S ELEVEN--Movie (2001) Clooney and company knock over a Vegas casino, in case you need reminding how much better this movie is than its sequel.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 27 9:30 ESPN2 ARM WRESTLING Beefcakes battle to see who has the most hairy manly forearm in the 2004 U.S. National Championships!

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28 8:00 FOX THE REBEL BILLIONAIRE Branson challenges the contestants to come up with a good advertising campaign for space travel. How about, "Like to vomit? You'll love space!"

9:00 UPN VERONICA MARS You are hereby required by the constitution to watch this show.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 29 9:00 TBS THE FUNNIEST COMMERCIALS OF 2004 How about that one where the Bush campaign compared Kerry and the terrorists to a pack of wolves? Hee-larious!

9:00 WB BIG MAN ON CAMPUS At a toga party, the girls try to seduce the BMOC with two tried and true methods: Beer bong and no underpants.