2808 NE MLK Blvd, 473-8127

It's always a gamble to eat a lot of grease with an extreme hangover. It will either help tremendously, or, in unfortunate circumstances, make it much, much worse. But have you ever experienced the third option? You're feeling well on your way to recovery, but you end up waiting in line so long at the local cafe that you sink into nauseous, hangover despair?

This will never happen to you at Billy Reed's. Dressed in dark wooden paneling and glistening with white porcelain dinner ware, Reed's manages to have an enormous dining room while still seving great food. While they're primarily a dinner spot, they've recently increased their menu to include breakfast (Sat-Sun, 8-4).

All the food on the breakfast list is rich and savory; you won't find any wheat-free blueberry muffins or Cool-Whip topped pancakes here. The menu is broken into three sections: Omelets, Eggs, and Specialty Dishes. The omelets are a classy, Northwest influenced variation of the standards: Both the Denver (Ham, Bell Peppers, onion, cheddar cheese) and the Apple Wood Smoked Salmon (cream cheese, onions, tomatoes, dill) are well-balanced and whipped enough that they manage to taste light, while still rich and spicy.

In the egg section is eggs Benedict and it's trendy Northwest relatives, salmon Benedict and grilled portobello Benedict. The Hollandaise sauce is a thick, creamy layer over all these dishes, and though it could be a bit more lemony, it's smooth and fresh. The eggs and salmon Benedict are also served on a croissant, rather than the traditional English muffin, which is a buttery sweet compliment to the tender, salty ham.

The third part of the menu features other equally rich dishes including Steak and Eggs, a breakfast burrito, chicken-fried steak and eggs, a couple waffle and French toast dishes, and even a Tennessee burger with smoked bacon, beef, and cheddar cheese. (Which, I'd have to say, is probably a risk even for the just-a-little-hungover.)