21st Ave Bar & Grill

721 NW 21st, 222-4121. Lots of foliage and a Koi pond!!

Ash Street Saloon 219 SW Ash, 226-0430.

One of the most magical patios in all of Portland. The walls are so tall you might think you're still inside. Then you look up. What's that? It's a blanket of stars.

Bar of the Gods

4801 SE Hawthorne, 232-2037

Nice foliage-filled, private enclosure in back. Get there early and fill it with your twenty favorite friends.

Black Cat

8230 SE 13th, 235-3571

Shuffleboard inside, drinking and cavorting outside.

Billy Ray's

2216 NE MLK, 287-7254

Hopefully the whiny neighbors won't get this back patio shut down (so far, whining has reduced its evening hours to before 10 pm), because it's one of the best/only casual places to toss 'em back in NE.

Bucket Brigade

8012 SE Powell, 774-8953

Huge patio, complete with toilets and urinals that serve as planters.


2788 NW Thurman, 222-9066

Burgers, full bar, free pool, nice patio with tables that seat up to six. Hooray!

The Dive

3145 SE Hawthorne, 232-8713

Sometimes there ain't much going on inside this little tiny Asian restaurant-turned-dive, but at least it's not filled with hippies. The back patio is weatherproofed and has those nice warmers. Plus, cheap beer.


826 SW 2nd, 228-9128

Check out their rooftop patio--too bad it's only open for special events. There is some consolation, however, in the open-air dining room and $3 menu 3-6 pm, and 10-close.


440 NE 28th, 233-6937

Fun drinking crowd and sloppy but large, fenced in outdoor seating.

Moon & Sixpence

2014 NE 42nd, 288-7802

British soccer dudes and big picnic tables.

Rose & Thistle

2314 NE Broadway, 287-8582

Huge outdoor area with lots of plants. Also featuring the nicest bartendress in the world.

Red Apple Tavern

6416 NE Killingsworth, 331-7145

Horseshoe pits in the back. Good people watching at the trailer park across the street. Taco cart for eats.

Sellwood Inn

8301 SE 17th, 233-9203

More horseshoe pits.

Windows in Holiday Inn

1021 NE Grand, 235-2100

Huge rooftop drinking area that's a great place for big parties and planned parties, or if you want to look like you're romantic for a date. WARNING: It's still the Holiday Inn.


2366 SE 82nd, 771-2962

If you're on 82nd anyway, you might try out this casual little joint. Yeah, "casual"... unlike all the other places on 82nd.