Corbett Fish House

5901 SW Corbett, 246-4434

Tucked away on a random residential street in the heart of John's Landing, Corbett Fish House certainly doesn't benefit from a hip location. But if you like good ol' fashioned deep-fried fish accompanied by 20-ounce glasses of good beer, mounds of cole slaw, and extremely friendly service, then it might just be worth seeking out. My waiter recommended the Walleye (caught in the wild in Lake Manitoba), with its sweet, nutmeg-seasoned batter coating, but I wound up preferring the catfish, with its delectably spicy kick and perfect level of crispety-crunch. The oysters are good, too. If you just want plain old halibut, there a plenty of good joints in town, but for the flavor of the Midwest, take a drive to the Corbett. JWS

The Berlin Inn

3131 SE 12th Ave, at Powell, 236-6761

Vegetarians need not run from the Berlin Inn. The numerous veggie options are where the kitchen's creativity comes into play. How about an eggplant schnitzel, or vegetable-stuffed potato pancakes? I tried the Käse Garlic Späzle, and it was far more interesting and flavorful than I'd expected. Screaming garlic, the fresh herbs were a nice touch. Späzle are a required treat; they've got a supple texture unlike any pasta and are specially suited to soak up the thick, full-flavored gravies that come with the sauerbraten and schnitzels. PL

Stepping Stone Café

2390 NW Quimby, 222-1132

This neighborhood joint is great for a mellow weekday breakfast or lunch, or if you don't mind waiting a few minutes on weekends. They have great omelets, my favorite being the Cat, loaded with cottage cheese, tomatoes, and avocado, and accompanied by a pile of thin sliced fried potatoes. The burgers are dope, and the grilled vegetarian sandwich is a tasty smattering of mixed vegetables and cheese, which I love, but disgusts a friend of mine because it comes complete with the dreaded "celery." Get there early, they're only open 'til 2 pm. KS