1742 SE 12th, 235-5474

Tucked away on SE 12th Avenue, on the periphery of Ladd's Addition, Juniors is cozy, cute, and one of Portland's great breakfast joints. Friendly staff, with fresh brew in their carafes, give Juniors an atmosphere that is perfect for the early to bed/early risers, or the late to bed/hungover. The food gives you a good bang for your buck, with affordable and tasty omelets and fried potato specials. A sucker for good decorating, I give Juniors six stars. The restaurant is decked out in green and gold, save for one particularly fabulous geometrical blue painting. SL

Thai Ginger

2020 N Portland Blvd, 283-9731

Outer North Portland needs and deserves more diverse dining options. Thai Ginger has finally brought such cutting-edge cuisine as Thai food to these parts, and hopefully other diverse ventures will follow. Food here is better than your average Portland Thai, and you can get Chinese broccoli too, which is a major plus. My Pad See Eiw was way too sweet, but it may be just a simple matter of requesting otherwise next time. PL

The Pink Feather

14154 SE Division, 761-2030

Like an oasis in the bleak strip-mall desert between Portland and Gresham, The Pink Feather is the sort of divey restaurant I crave. It looks like crap on the outside and like a friggin' palace once you step in the door: red hanging lamps, slick pleather booths, pink feather-printed carpeting, a well air-conditioned bar, and a super friendly waitstaff. The food at the Feather is good 'n' greasy, a high caliber of bar cuisine. They gots finger-lickin' chicken, onion rings, decent steaks (a mere $7-$13), sloppy-ass chiliburgers, and hot and cold sandwiches. But more than the food, this is a fun place to grab a drink. Stop by on your way back from Mt. Hood. KS