Pix 3-Ring Circus Extravaganza

3402 SE Division, 232-4407, June 6 & 7, 7 pm-midnight

The sweetest, cutest, swankiest beer and wine serving patisserie in town is having another of their three-course pastry samplings, with tasting portions of their Belgian beers and dessert wines to boot. It's a great opportunity to figure out whether you like chocolate dipped figs, or custard, or marscapone, or just a ton of chocolate, without dropping a buttload of dough on something you don't fancy. Take a date and show your sweetie some ingenuity for once. KS

Mayas Taqueria

1000 SW Morrison, 226-1946

With so many great eateries in Portland, it's hard to say which joint has the best eggplant parmesan, or which strip club serves the best steak dinner. But when it comes to Mexican fare, Maya's Taqueria certainly ranks in the top tier. The Caribbean Prawn/Scallop Wrap contains succulent mushrooms and garlicky seafood. The Salvadorian Relleno Wrap is a veritable cornucopia of peppers, cheese, and chicken. Wash it down with five or ten margaritas, and you can go puke on the front door of the Willamette Week (located just a few blocks away). But then again, who wants to let go of such a delicious meal. SL


Voodoo Doughnut & Wedding Chapel has finally gotten their shit together and will be debuting their sweet meaty doughnuts and doughnut-catered weddings by the time you read this. I've had the great pleasure of sampling one of their doughnuts and let me just say, "Sha-wing!" Check them out from 10 pm-10 am at 22 SW 3rd, right near Berbati's Pan.

The 820 (the new annex of Mint) is the newest expansion to the trifecta of watering holes in that tiny N Russell pocket. The 820 will provide an upscale, fashionista space more for drinking than eating, and a big patio. Even if highbrow boozing ain't totally your thing, you should try one of Mint/820's superb fresh fruit cocktails before you die. Stop by 820 N Russell, open evenings, NOW.