Bai Tong Thai Cuisine

6141 SW Macadam, 452-4396

Any restuarant located in a strip mall that can still pull off good atmosphere always impresses me. Furthermore, any Thai joint that makes a mean bowl of Tom Ka Ghai (cocanut milk soup with chicken and ginger) wins a place in my heart. Bai Tong accomplishes both of these, and in turn, is one of my favs. SL


2021 SW Morrison, 224-2115

The breakfast menu has three categories: omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and food from the griddle. With the exception of the biscuits and gravy, all are a safe bet, but beware--allow for a triple helping of grease in any dish. This is of course what makes the Kingston so good. The sausage and egg breakfast sandwich, for example, is a surprisingly small dish served on a tiny saucer. But once you get through your third bite of tender sausage saturated in warm golden egg yolk, you'll become aware that the mini-wich is a dense and perfect portion. The pancakes are also superb--they're a perfect combination of fluff and weight that keeps you satisfied all day. I've never paid more than $5 for a meal at The Kingston. It's a warm bar, full of tall wooden booths and people drinking beer at 11 am. No one will ever ask you to leave or care if you lounge there for two hours reading the paper. And the food is exactly what you'd want from a place like this: cheap, delish, and familiar. KD


1932 NE Broadway, 288-3333

Generally, I am not a huge fan of Colosso. The service is blasé, the food is only decent, and the people all seem to be cheesy corporate ladder-climbers who are out on a first date. But then again, the lighting is dark, you can smoke in there and they serve the Lime Richard. It's terrible. Everytime I start to get my buzz on, I crave the Lime Richard. A Long Island Ice tea of sorts, it's made with lime and coconut milk rather than Coke, and it's phenomenal. Plus, drink more than one and you're going home sloppy. KS