Salad World

837 SW 2nd

Even though Salad World is not much more than a giant salad buffet, who can say no to a giant delicious salad buffet? Homemade pasta salads, tons of fresh vegetables, tuna salad, dressings, garbanzo beans, peas, corn, shredded carrots, hard-boiled eggs, a hot food bar, grilled aparagus, sushi, and at $4.95 a pound, it's cheaper than Nature's. This is the kind of empowering, vitamin-filled lunch I crave but never seem to get ahold of. If you work downtown, don't ignore Salad World for another second. This place is the best. KS

Laughing Planet Café

3320 SE Belmont, 235-6472

How many times have you ordered a tofu scramble in this town and been presented with something unfit to bring home to your Shitsu? The good news about Laughing Planet is that it starts to fill the hole where tasty, healthy PDX food should be. Their balanced, bright dressings and sauces are to lovingly ladled over simple, steamed veggies and rice, or the "bowl" version of their burritos. Try the cilantro pesto! Leave the loud dècor behind, dine out underneath the sun, and add a few years to your life for cheap. SD


3119 SE 12th Ave, 238-4411

Can you live on just meat? It's fun to try, and Edelweiss is the place to try it. This German deli delivers unparalleled brats, kraut, black forest turkey, and polishes at their lunch counter and deli. Any sausage (smoked brat, chili cheese, hungarian, dinner frank...) on a bun is a steal at $2.60. The rueben is big enough to share ($4.99). And if you simply must eat veggies, try the yummy homemade split pea and ham soup; at least that has some meat in it ($2.50 for a big bowl). While you're there, try to get past the German beer case. PA

Brazen Bean

2075 NW Glisan, 294-0636

Holy shit, goddamn. The martinis at the Brazen Bean are so good they make me want to take my shirt off and run into the streets singing Iggy Pop's "I Wanna Be Your Dog." And I can have as many as I want, thanks to their generous happy hour (5-8 pm, Mon-Fri), where they serve these infamous glasses of heaven for $3. Try their food, too. It's a little froofy--but then so are martinis. KS