2958 NE Glisan, 232-1504

The Laurelthirst is a dark mellow place to eat breakfast after a long night out. Their scrambles are always right on, my favorite being the bacon, tomato, cheddar that comes with loaded with big pieces of crispy bacon. The last time I ate there they served up old home fries that had been sitting on the grill, but because I was having breakfast on a weekday at noon, I won't fault them too much. If I were smarter, I would have instead ordered their homemade veggie burger, which tastes, quite fantastically like it's been made with cornmeal, and succeeds in filling you up. KS

Nicholas Restaurant

318 SE Grand, 235-5123

Nicholas is a Portland mainstay for very good reason. It's one of the first refuges of local vegetarians and vegans, and it serves a spectacular Mediterranean feast to everyone who pulls up a seat. Plus, it's the default spot for Meow Meow bands who want a stellar, well-portioned, wallet-friendly meal. My favorite menu item is the mannakish--an outstanding homemade pita brushed with a emerald green mixture of herbs, called Zatar, and olive oil, then thrown back into the oven for a few more minutes. Mmm, I'm hungry. KG

Bijou Café

132 SW 3rd, 222-3187

At the Bijou, I usually order the roast beef or oyster hash, both of which are spectacular hearty blends of quality meat and potatoes that aren't bogged down with grease. Recently though, I was trying to be healthy and tried out their tofu scramble. Unlike a lot of restaurants, the Bijou crumbles their tofu into a fine mash instead of grilling it up in chunks. The result is an extremely garlic-y, lemony, and ultra flavorful purée that is utterly satisfying, even for the carnivore. And if you happen to find yourself downtown for lunch, the Bijou's hand-pattied burger is undoubtedly one of Portland's best. KS