Kustom Pizza, Co.

2727 NE Glisan, 239-4444

I'm a pizza snob, I admit it. I'd rather eat dirt than order Domino's or Pizza Hut. So, when the old Pizza Plus on Glisan was gutted and replaced with the new Kustom Pizza Company, I was happy. The pizza is sweet, bready, and unpretentious. The crust is nice and thick, the sauce is freshly made, and they do have a few fancy extras like a spicy-honey crust glaze, and kalmalata olives. Kustom is operated by the owners, and since they just opened last month, they really try to please their customersÉ or "Kustomers." They even went so far as to say my friend and I could bring in decorations to put up on their wall. Also, if they aren't that busy, they'll deliver the pizza to you for free. And if there are two words in the world that are just as sweet as "Manu Berelli," they're "Free Delivery." MB

Bijou Café

132 SW 3rd, 222-3187

At the Bijou, I usually order the roast beef or oyster hash, both of which are spectacular hearty blends of quality meat and potatoes that aren't bogged down with grease. Recently though, I was trying to be healthy and I tried out their tofu scramble. Unlike a lot of restaurants the Bijou crumbles their tofu into a fine mash instead of grilling it up in chunks. The result is an extremely garlicy, lemony, and ultra flavorful purree that is utterly satisfying, even for the carnivore. And if you happen to find yourself downtown for lunch, the Bijou's hand-pattied burger is undoubtedly one of Portland's best. KS

Anna Bannanas

1214 NW 21st, 274-2559

Anna Bannanas' Doot-de-Doo is hands-down my favorite coffee drink in town. Sure, to the overly self-concious consumer, these three syllables might be hard to say, but trust me, it's worth it. This perfect melding of Chai tea, espresso shots (one or two), and milk is perfect served hot and tastes awesome cold, while still delivering the maximum amount of caffeine to your system. It's what Dale Cooper calls a "gift to yourself." KS