201 NW Davis, (971) 544-0875

Casba's menu is half authentic, with some splendid Mediterranean specialties, and hot, deli sandwiches and cobb and chef salads. The gyro is a perfect mid-day portion, and filled with delicious, thin slices of non-greasy, spiced beef (no lamb), lettuce, tomato, and cucumber sauce on a fluffy warm pita. They have lasagna on the menu, which is weird, but it's really quite fabulous. I only sampled the meat variety, which was restrained on meat and ricotta, and heavy on a full tomato sauce, blend of melted cheeses, and thick, moist noodles. If you're in search of a meal that actually includes some vegetables and won't make you faceplant on your keyboard from an hour of overstuffing, try Casba, it's delish. KS

Odyssey Cafe

519 SE Morrison, 233-3869

Like any good diner, Odyssey's menu is completely overwhelming because it offers so many items. There are 11 breakfast options, six omelet specials, eight variations on pancakes and waffles, and a bunch of side orders. Everything is incredibly cheap; even the Steak and Eggs special, an eight-oz., hand-cut rib-eye steak, charbroiled to order and served with two eggs, is only eight bucks. Lunch is equally comprehensive, with 12 different sandwich combinations. Most are turkey, steak, or beef-centric, and all are incredibly filling. KS

Taqueria Apatzingan

NE 15th & Killingsworth

Markedly, the meat at Apatzingan is fresh tasting, expertly seasoned, and not marbled with gristle. The beef tacos include nothing besides marinated pieces of steak, onions, and a sprinkling of cilantro--and they're fabulous. The enchiladas stuffed with chicken are remarkable because they aren't baked into a pan and smothered with cheese. The corn tortillas are moist, wrapped airily around the chicken, and covered with a tasty, mild red chili sauce, lettuce, tomato, and a drizzle of sour cream. Burritos, while seemingly simple, are often spoiled by the assembly line glopping of one ingredient next to another. Oh no, my friend, not here: These burritos are light on the sauce and rice, and provide plenty meat, veggies, and beans. KS