Wild Abandon Benefit for Our House of Portland

2411 SE Belmont, 232-4458, Monday Feb 2, Dinner

Whether you're a regular at Wild Abandon or not, you can feel good about dropping some dough at their 9th Annual benefit for Our House of Portland, a local residential care facility for people with AIDS. Enjoy smartly crafted comfort food like risotto, chicken crepes, and salads. Also, make sure you try their desserts, with delicious mainstays like bread pudding and tiramisu. Reservations recommended. KS

Pix Patisserie Bake-Off Spectacular & Dim Sum

Eagle's Lodge, 4904 Hawthorne, Saturday, 8 pm

Pix Patisserie recently staged a bake-off where local Portlanders sent in original pastry recipes and they, being the experts, picked the best one. Tonight, at their semi-frequent Dim Sum happening (where you grab small portions of their delicious fancy pasteries off a rolling dim sum cart), they'll be showcasing the winning recipe, awarding prizes and keeping you drunk and full. KS

Great Balls of Fire and Ice Benefit

at Salvador Molly's, Wed, Feb. 4th, 3350 SE Morrison, Competitions at 10 am, 11:30 am, & 1 pm, RSVP to Cindy Thompson, 699-8871 or 704-6995

In order to raise money for Oregon Heat, a non-profit organization that helps families pay their winter heating bills, Salvador Molly's is offering customers and local celebrities a challenge: either sit on an ice sculpture or eat one of their Great Ball of Fire fritter appetizers. For every five minutes you sit on the volcano ice sculpture, or for every fritter eaten, you earn $10 for Oregon Heat. If you eat a fritter while sitting on the ice sculpture, that's $20. If you have to work on Wednesday, however, you can raise funds by ordering the Great Balls of Fire appetizer, Smokin' Volcano Rum Cocktail, or the 3-course Fire and Ice Meal at Salvador Molly's any time during Feburary. KS