118 NE 28th, 235-2794

So you're on Northeast 28th, you're broke again, and you're starvin'. Why not try Beulahland, the homiest bar on the street? They've got a surprisingly large menu of cheap and tasty sandwiches and burgers, plus a mean soup of the day. Avoid the veggie burger, which tastes like flour, but hit up the pasta salad; it's practically gourmet. Beulahland also serves breakfast until noon, does tasty espresso drinks, has a great beer selection, and the staff is as friendly as it gets. JWS

1239 SW Broadway, 222-9070

A great place to meet for lunch on a Friday, Higgin's bar offers quick and friendly service, and the fairly comprehensive menu averages at about $10. Don't miss out on their open-faced pastrami sandwich, piled with ribbons of the most delicious pastrami you'll ever eat. That plus melted white cheddar, and a creamy sauce spread on a thick slice of bread. With your sandwich Higgins serves a generous salad, smartly tossed with hazelnuts and a mild vinaigrette. The bar also offers a bistro menu until 12 am, so keep Higgins in mind if you're downtown for a flick. KS

Pizza Schmizza
320 NW 21st, 3433 SE Hawthorne, 1036 NW Glisan, 1422 NE Broadway, 732 SW Yamhill, etc.

Pizza Schmizza franchises are popping up all over the place--Northwest 21st, Hawthorne, the Pearl, Northeast Broadway, downtown, Beaverton, Vancouver, etc. --so it occurred to me that I should find out whether it's any good. The verdict: tasty. For lunch, you can get a huge piece of pizza, a mini salad, and a drink for $5. This is called something like the "Big Meal," which is misleading since the salad and drink are both small, but regardless it's a perfect amount of food. The pizza is loaded with vegetables and cheese, and has a crispy crust, making it hearty and delicious. So, if you find yourself in front of a Pizza Schmizza, go on inside, the atmosphere is peppy, the employees aren't robots, and the food is downright swell. KS