BBQ Sundays at Billy Ray's Neighborhood Dive, 2216 NE MLK, 287-7254 In keeping with their all-things-fun-and-cheap mantra, Billy Ray's is hosting an entirely affordable Sunday BBQ series after the staff kicks ass in their weekly softball game. Show up around 4 or 5 pm for cold 22-ounce Pabsts and $3 plates of burgers, dogs, sides, and more. Or, if you're a control freak or a complete cheapass, bring your own food and throw it on the grill. After dinner, burn some calories with a few games of ping-pong on the patio, or some pool or pinball inside. KS

Mayor's Tailgate Party, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Friday, August 5, noon-1 pm In Tom Potter's continuing effort to give the City of Portland his all--in between naps, that is--he's hosting an hour long "tailgate" party this Friday. This raucous event is intended to promote agricultural products from eastern Oregon, which includes growers distributing free watermelons and other produce. If you're rolling around downtown on Friday, stop by--although I don't know how you feel about lugging a watermelon home on the bus. Then again, a watermelon filled with Everclear makes for one wild Friday. KS

Tonic Lounge Lunches, etc., 3100 NE Sandy, 238-0543 If you're looking for a spot to sit outside in the sun, swill a beer, and have a quick, cheap, and tasty bite to eat, then put the Tonic on your list. They have a $4 bento lunch, a good cobb salad made with smoked salmon, and friendly service. If you can wait, though, starting at 4 and going until 8 pm, they'll give you two corn dogs, fries, and a Pabst for $4.50--which should give you a solid base for a long night of drinking ahead. KS