There are a handful of new and anticipated restaurants planning to serve us lucky Portlanders. Economy-schmonomy.

As reported on, Tommy Habetz, previously of Meriwether's and Gotham Building Tavern, is opening a sandwich shop at 621 SE Morrison. It appears as if the menu will be a regularly rotating selection of Habetz's favorites.

The new shop will have company with Meat Cheese Bread, another Eastside sandwich shop newly opened at 1406 SE Stark. Early buzz on MCB is pretty damn good.

For those looking further ahead, Benjamin Dyer of Viande Meats and Simpatica Catering and Dining Hall has bought a building with his business partners on E Burnside. According to a release sent to various local media, the plan is for a "restaurant with a butcher shop inside of it." They are hoping to open in the spring. I will wait with bated breath.

Don't fret, Westsiders; Andy Ricker of the beloved Pok Pok is opening a new joint in the Hung Far Low building. To be called Ping, the restaurant will be izakaya-esque with an emphasis on Asian drinking food.

Look for full reviews of all in future Last Suppers.