Paccini, 1717 SW Park, 219-8000, Mon-Fri 4-7 pm, $4 lemon drops/cosmos, $3 micros, $3 wells, $1.50 Miller High Life, cheap food

Hang out with the alcoholics of Portland State University at this Italian joint. With a cozy back bar area and a large back patio, Paccini is perfect for boozing in between classes. CN

Paddy's Bar & Grill, 65 SW Yamhill, 224-5626, Mon-Fri 3-6 pm and 10 pm-close, all day Sunday, $3.75 drafts, $3.50 wells

Look at it there—a wall of booze shining like a beacon in the night. I am drawn toward it, slobbering like an animal. Someday I will have tasted everything on that wall and pass blissfully into darkness. PAC

Peter's Bar & Grill, 5701 NE Fremont, 460-0544, daily 4-7 pm, $2.50 wells, $3.50 micros, $1 off liquor

A pricey pub/sports bar in an area you wouldn't think you would want a pricey sports bar, Peter's is a good place to go during happy hour when prices are cheap, so you can drink till you don't care where you are. CN

Pinocchio Bar & Restaurant, 1005 SW Park, 595-2227, Mon-Fri 3:30-6 pm, $4 house red/white wine, $3-5 cocktail specials, cheap food

Every time I go by this place, it's empty. Their kitschy Mona Lisa painting probably doesn't help. Resting on the laurels of an obscure wine list makes for an... um... obscure happy hour. CN