Izzy's Pizza Bar and Classic Buffet

9919 SE Sunnyside Rd Clackamas 503-653-4010

Whenever the kids get rowdy, and I don't have enough time to cook dinner, we hop in the car and head straight to Izzy's Pizza Bar and Classic Buffet.

Izzy's salad bar has unlimited choices, from fresh kidney beans and cottage cheese, to an incredibly yummy ambrosia salad, and even broccoli salad, too. I don't know how they go and do that, but I wouldn't think that broccoli, mayonnaise, and Bacos would go so well together. But they do!

Now, while I love that salad bar, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dessert bar. The best thing is, it's free! Chocolate pudding, tapioca pudding, frozen yogurt, brownies; I just pile 'em all up on top of one another, mix it all up, and boom: I'm one happy camper.

The real reason to come to Izzy's, though, is for pizza. I don't like that crunchy, New York-style stuff they have up on 23rd Avenue. I've never been to New York, and if all their pizza is so crunchy, I don't think I'll ever go. Izzy's pizza is soft, and biscuit-like, loaded with oodles of cheese, and smothered in delicious toppings like barbecued chicken, pineapple, and pepperoni. The sauce is perfectly sweet and red.

My whole family is happy here. My husband, Steve McNair (of McNair Body Shop in Gladstone, if I may offer up a shameless plug!), is trying to avoid carbs, so he just eats the meat and cheese off of the pizza with his fork, and we give the crust to little Brandi, who's lactose intolerant. Tyler has Attention Deficit Disorder, and at other restaurants, he's a holy terror. But at Izzy's, he can channel all of his energy into piling his plate sky-high with fried chicken, spaghetti, and baked beans. I don't care if he eats it or not; it costs the same. Plus everyone here has kids, so they understand when he screams his little head off or throws food around.

I work as an administrative aide at Kaiser Permanente in Clackamas, and lucky for me, the Izzy's by the Clackamas mall is the best one I've been to. And it's near the movie theater, and going to Izzy's before a movie is a wonderful combination. At other restaurants, we'd wait so gosh-darn long for our food to come, we'd miss the previews. That'll never happen here; you just stop eating when you're ready to go, and pay the bill. It's that easy.

We used to go to McDonald's a lot while I was at Apollo College training for my job. But my sister told me that the kids were getting a little, well, heavy, and that I should try to get them to eat fresh, well-balanced meals. Well, guess what? Izzy's is perfect for that, because it's got a salad bar. And they love it, and so do I. I don't see how anyone could have such a great time and get such a great meal for a terrific price anywhere else; Izzy's is the best value and has the best-tasting pizza in Oregon.