NW 21st and Kearney

When I have a hangover, I abide by one and only rule: I treat myself to whatever I want. Feeling a little depressed? Buy some shoes. Feeling regretful? Buy some of that crazy Japanese bath stuff that turns your water into jelly... jelly bath, take me away. Feeling hungry? There are two solutions: An Egg McMuffin and large Hi-C orange drink, or tacos. Today, I've had both.

The taco option is wonderfully simple and easy on the gut, and the hot salsa aides in sweating out those pesky toxins. Tacos Solamente--the new, cute taco cart on NW 21st across from Cinema 21--is a perfect hangover companion, because the tacos are simple; tangy salsa verde (plus a bevy of marinade additions like orange juice, bay leaves, and garlic) marinated meat on a doubled-up corn tortilla. You have a choice of Pollo (chicken), Carnitas (pork) or Carne Asada (steak), which is actually marinated simply in lime salt and pepper. Sorry, vegetarians... but bean tacos are on the way.

The chicken is soft and mild. The Carnitas is chopped, the meat tastes ultra fresh--not too salty due to the homemade marinade--so the meat flavor comes through. The steak is shredded and smoky flavored. While the taco is nothing but meat and tortilla, they have buckets of cilantro, onions, jalapeno, fresh chipotle salsa, and salsa verde with roasted poblanos. And the meat is so good, you really don't need a smear of sour cream or a glop of guacamole.

A key perk of the Solamente cart is ease, but, even better, ease at 2 am. They stay open until bar-closing time, in order to save you from another gruesome trip to Taco Bell. And what else? Yes, that's right, they'll prevent you from having a mind numbing hangover by absorbing that final, unnecessary vodka tonic.

It's refreshing that Taco Solamente set up shop on swank 21st, because it's nice to have a non-froof, non-fusion, cheap food option ($1.75 a taco), enjoyable in the outdoors at the little makeshift table, or just sitting in the park. SHIME DAWG