A couple months ago we ran an article about non-smoking bars, refuges for those of us desperate to protect our precious pink lungs from the carcinogenic evils of the world. Well, turns out some people like their lungs black and tarry. Different strokes, right? So smokers, this one's for you: Here are a handful of bars where smoking is not only allowed, it's practically required.

Basement Pub
1028 SE 12th, 231-6068

The Basement Pub is a dark, noisy, extraordinarily smoky little bar—and by the totally perverse logic of Portland bar dwellers, these are exactly the reasons we like it. Boozehounds take note, the Basement fairly recently graduated from pub to full-fledged bar: It's not just a beer and wine party anymore. ALISON HALLETT

Belmont's Inn
3357 SE Belmont, 232-1998

Ahh, the Belmont's Inn. Breathe in the overwhelming aroma of menthols, lights, reds, and any other type of cigarette you can imagine; a true smoker's paradise. The Belmont's Inn is my pick for smokiest bar in Portland. If this city does ever go non-smoking (gasp!), all you'll have to do to get your fix is frequent this delightful dive. There is enough smoke saturated in the walls and furniture of the Belmont's Inn to satisfy any chain smoker. SHELBY GREEN

The Florida Room
435 N Killingsworth, 287-5658

The Florida Room is a fairly new bar in the moderately popular North Portland district. This place has got it all; a full bar, back patio, a Hamm's costume (yes, this bar comes equipped with its very own life-sized beer can), and a smoking section. And smoke they do. I think the bartender actually had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth the entire time I was there. SG

Moon & Sixpence
2014 NE 42nd, 288-7802

With a smoke eater straight outta the defunct Eastern Bloc, it's no surprise that the Hollywood District's Moon and Sixpence is one of the smokiest bars in town. But the Moon has a lot going for it, with its cozy British interior, darts, tons of excellent bottled beers, over a dozen taps, and one of the nicest (dog-friendly) patios in town. Plus, if you're down with old-timey music, the Moon has free weekly shows with Foghorn Stringband and accordion-extraordinaire Johnny B. Connolly. TRACY LONG

529 SW 4th, 228-7605

I'm well acquainted with the smokiness of the Rialto, because I used to work there. I've wiped out every single ashtray in the joint, and let me tell you there are a lot of them. A few things are worth noting about the Rialto: They'll let you smoke cigars and cloves if you are so inclined. The ceilings are high so the smoke is rarely overwhelming. AH

315 SE 3rd, 234-5683

Rotture is a relatively new bar in the growing Southeast industrial district—in fact it sits in such an up-and-coming neighborhood that the street out front is still under construction. Apparently the night I chose to visit Rotture was the wrong night. While normally there's a DJ or show, there was no one on the schedule. Disappointing from an entertainment standpoint, but this only strengthened their standing in Portland's smokiest bar contest. Not a soul was in the bar except the bartender, and yet the smell of smoke emitted from every corner. SG

The Yamhill Pub
223 SW Yamhill, 295-6613

Welcome to one of the last true Portland dive bars. Located right on the MAX line, most Portlanders have probably seen the Yammy, but never ventured in to have a drink. What are you missing? A tiny bar filled mostly with bike messengers, marker-covered walls, and a lot of smoke. Yes, you can get all of this at the Ash St. Saloon, but the Yamhill Pub has cheaper drinks and almost all of the clientele smokes. The bar fills up fast, partly because the capacity can't be more than 50 people. But I would say the Pub also fills to capacity by five minutes after 5 pm because of the stiff pours: My vodka-cran was a delicate shade of light pink, just the way I like them. SG