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From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of February 15-21

Things to Do Music: February 15-21

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Things To Do Film: February 17-23

This Week: Pedro Almodóvar, Billy Dee Williams, and Eternal Sunshine

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Right 2 Dream Too’s Most Prominent Advocate Has Left Camp

But Ibrahim Mubarak is Still Spreading the Gospel of Peer-Run Shelters, and Pushing New Statewide Homeless Protections

A Busy, Bloody Thursday

Portland Saw the Year’s First Two Officer-Involved Shootings Last Week, and a Teenager is Dead

Hall Monitor

Portland Is the Only City that Penalizes Egregious CEO Pay. Donald Trump’s People Might End That

Intimidation is Running Rampant in Trump-Era Portland

A Proposed New Program Would Help Communities Push Back

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A Mysterious and Strange Cure for Wellness

Let’s Go to Dracula Hospital!

The Hollywood Theatre's Airport Microcinema Will Open February 23

Travelers Can Kick Back with Local—and Free—Short Films



You’ll Never Think About Sexy Mermaids the Same Way Again

The Lure: There's Some Tail Sex Stuff.

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A Former Duck Quarterback Walks Into A Bar

Joey Harrington’s Pearl Tavern Is Nearly A Touchdown

Women in Wine

Women winemakers are doin’ it for themselves.

Eat This!

El Phorrito

East Coast Counter Service Finds a Home in Figlia Americana

Grand Avenue's New Eatery Has Quite the Smorgasbord

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Cannabis: Past, Present, and Future

What It Used to Be Like to Buy Weed, What It’s Like Now, and What It (Hopefully) Will Be Like in the Future

Is It Illegal to Be High in Public?

So You Smoked at Home, Then Went Out. Are You Breaking the Law?

Synthetic Cannabis, Zombies, and You

Fake Weed That Turns You into an Actual Zombie? No Thanks.

CBD Isn’t Federally Legal... or Is It?

The Beneficial Cannabis Compound’s Current Legal Status Is Confusing

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Portland’s Pretty

What’s Underneath the Unmentionable Lingerie Show

Sold Out

February’s Best Sales and Fashion Events

Portland’s Pretty

It Was a Good Year for Pretty

Visual Art »

Renée Lopez’s My Life Through My Lens

In Her First Gallery Show, the Local Photographer Captures the Vitality of Portland’s Communities of Color

The Artists Resist

Let Portland Art Save Your Sanity

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Black People Being Funny

The NW Black Comedy Festival Launches This Week

Things to Do Comedy: February 2017

Funny Things to Do All February Long

Nariko Ott Heads East

The Perpetually Mustachioed Comedian Stops in on His Way Out

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Universal Harvester’s Movie Madness

Checking Out John Darnielle’s New Novel

Elena Passarello’s Animal Collection

Famous Creatures Populate Animals Strike Curious Poses

It’s Happening Again, with 33 1/3’s Twin Peaks

If You Like Angelo Badalamenti’s Iconic Score, You’ll Like a Book About It!

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Profile Theatre’s New Season Is Already Great

Elliot, a Soldier’s Fugue Captures the Tenor of a Country at War with Itself

If You’ve Ever Worked Retail, Third Rail Has Your Number

The Flick Captures a Shifting Film Industry from Small-Town New England

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Taking a Journey Here Tonight...With Renaissance Man David Duchovny

He Acts! He Directs! He Writes! He... Sings?

David Duchovny Through the Ages

An Authoritative Timeline of David Duchovny Through the Ages

Is Your Band Sexist, or Are Womxn Just Annoying?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let’s Find Out!

Eat and Drink Guide Fall 2016 »

Eat & Drink Fall 2016

Your Guide to Local Eating and Drinking

Oregon Cannabis Guide 2016 »

Read the 2016 Oregon Cannabis Guide!

Your Annual Mini-Magazine About All Things Weed Has Arrived