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Black-Owned Restaurants Matter

Get Out, Eat, and Support Black-Owned Restaurants

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Things To Do This Week!

Fashion Fades to Light and Harry Potter Comes to Life!

Things to Do Music

Noteworthy Shows For the Week of August 24-30

Things To Do Film

This Week: Jason and the Argonauts, Animated Superheroes, and The First Science-Fiction Film Ever.

Things to Do Food

How to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for Aug 20-28

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Portland’s Speed Limits Ignore Cyclists and Pedestrians

But as Road Deaths Spike, That’s About to Change

Hall Monitor: Putting Out Fires At Terminal 1

Recent Conflicts Over the Contentious Property Are Smaller Than They Appear

A San Francisco Investment Firm Is Snatching Up Old Town Real Estate

It’s Already Bouncing the Boiler Room, and Others Are Worried

Short-Staffed Cops Are Being Forced to Trim Specialty Units to Adequately Patrol the City

Here’s Where the Cuts Might Be Coming From

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Y La Bamba’s Luz Elena Mendoza Overcomes Darkness Through Art

Ojos del Sol Responds to Pain with Boundless Love

Project Pabst vs. Festicide

The Best of Both Festivals

Raz Simone’s Soulful Sincerity

The Seattle Rapper Touches Down for We Take Holocene IV

For the Love of Cheap Trick

It’s Time to Appreciate the Little Band from Rockford

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Penelope Spheeris Comes to Portland

And She's Bringing Dudes and Suburbia!

Equity: The Tale of a Doomed Wall Street Man Shouldn’t Be About a Man at All

It’s Like The Wolf of Wall Street if The Wolf of Wall Street Had Actually Tried!

Unemployment, Fatherhood, and The Measure of a Man

Oof. This Is One Sad Dad.

Things To Do Film

This Week: Jason and the Argonauts, Animated Superheroes, and The First Science-Fiction Film Ever.

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Black-Owned Restaurants Matter

Get Out, Eat, and Support Black-Owned Restaurants

Lush Life: Wines from Up North

Finding Nice Things to Say About Washington Wines

Missing Burger Week? Try Six Days of Beef Ribs!

You Can Get Big, Beefy Ribs, But You’ve Gotta Know When to Go 

Portland’s Nanobreweries Are Thinking Small—and Big

Can Garage Brewers Make It in the Big Time?

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Cannabuzz: Say It with Me—Weed Isn’t Heroin

A Plea for Descheduling Cannabis

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Hot Federal Weed Law Action!

No Rescheduling Cannabis, But Plenty of Other Activity

Cannabuzz: Weed Reads

What to Read Before—and After—You Get High

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Weed Fraud at a Portland Dispensary

Of Pot, Felons, and Duped Canadians

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Portland’s Pretty

Pickathon: The Hottest Looks from the Coolest Music Fest.

Sold Out: Style Events for August and September

Native Fashion Now and Much More!

Boutique Alert: Gem Gem

Talking to Jewelry Enthusiasts Allison Bartline and Heidi Lieberman

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Flora’s Analog Perfection

Land Gallery’s All-Women, Lo-Tech Art Show Is Everything

Project Art: End of Summer Edition

The Residency Program Bridges Portland and Japan

Project Art: Biennial Edition

A Look at Muscle Beach, One of the Portland2016 Biennial’s Only Venues Inside a Garage

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Poking the Hornets’ Nest with Eric Andre

Fresh off His RNC Antics, the Provocative Comedian Comes to Portland

Books »

Stranded in the Land of Enchantment

Leigh Stein’s New Memoir Names Abuse for What It Is

Study Group Takes Comics Seriously

The Local Magazine Applies a Critical Lens to the Art Form

On the Road to Nowhere in Utopia Drive

Erik Reece’s Book Shows What Utopian Societies (Past and Present) Can Teach Us About Reality

Please Kill Me Turns 20

Revisiting Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain’s Essential History of Punk

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Crazy Exes in Annapurna

At Third Rail Rep, a Frustratingly Incomplete Look at Codependency

The Maids: Existential Desperation with a Dash of Dark Humor

Genet’s Social Critique Is Still Relevant in Public Citizen Theatre’s Debut

Theater Has a Well-Documented Diversity Problem. One Local Company Has a Possible Solution.

For the Next Three Seasons, Profile Theatre Will Only Produce Plays by Women and People of Color.

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Out of Pocket: Portland’s Last Pay Phones

Coin-Operated Telephones Are Hard to Find in Portland—But They Can Still Be Necessary

Pro Wrestling for the People

A Look Inside Portland’s Underground Pro Wrestling Scene

The Mercury Pet Issue Presents... PETS IN ACTION!

It's the Mercury Pets In Action Photo Contest Winner, and Check Out the Mercury Pet Issue!

Portland’s Most Intriguing Cat Ladies

Portland’s One of the Cat Lady Capitals of the World. Here’s What Four of Them Had to Say About Their Fuzzy Pals and Fighting the Stigma.