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Things to do for Sept 26-29

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This Week: My Blind Brother, Hippies in Space, and Yet Another Beauty and the Beast

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Noteworthy Shows for the Week of September 21-27

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Funny Things to Do for the Month of September

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Through the “Eviction Mill”

As the Housing Crisis Worsens, Landlords Have a Friend in the County Court

Hall Monitor—The True Price of Hales’ Police Deal

City Council Supports Spending $6.8 Million for Cops, but It’ll Cost You More.

Amanda Fritz Wants to Push Big Money Out of Portland Elections

But Can She Get Her Plan Through Without Voters’ Approval?

Film »

Angus Scrimm: The Antithesis of a Horror Monster

Remembering the Man Behind Phantasm

The Magnificent Seven

A Review by the Magnificent Henriksen

Laura Albert’s Long Con

Don’t Be Duped by Author: The JT LeRoy Story

Get Back in My Eyeholes, Tears!

Jerry Lewis Shines in the Manipulative Max Rose

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Where to Get the Freshest Fresh Hop Beer

It's Harvestin' Time, So Get Your Hop On

Rue La La

Satisfying Small Plates In Buckman

Pastrami Zombie Will Invade Your Brain

You Will Obsess Over These Smoky Sandwiches

Cannabis »

Cannabuzz: Welcome to Oregon. Please (Don't) Enjoy Our Weed.

The State of Canna Tourism

Clean Your Bong: Straining to Care About Strains

I Love Weed, But I Simply Can’t Give Much of a Shit About Strains

Cannabuzz: Weed News Roundup!

The Cost of Weed, Who’s Buying, and the Future of Delivery Services

Ask a Pot Lawyer: A Deadline Looms for Pot Businesses

Packaging Regulations Take Effect October 1

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Sold Out

Don’t Miss the Knock Out Plus Size Fashion Show!

Sold Out

September/October Style Events!

Portland’s Pretty

Hot Looks at the Deadbeat Club Show

A Look Back at Fade to Light

Highlights from August’s Installment of the Ongoing Local Fashion Event

Comedy »

Adam Conover, Sharp-Dressed Knowledge Genie

The Comedian Proves That Information is Power—And Also Ruinous

Books »

Gazing into The Dark Room

Susan Faludi Applies a Journalistic Lens to Her Father’s Gender Transition

Sady Doyle Dives into the Wreck

Trainwreck Deconstructs Our Obsession with Suffering Women

Here is Dame Darcy, Your Comics Queen

The World is Catching Up with Her—Just in Time for The Meat Cake Bible

The Underground Railroad Is Bigger and Better Than You’ve Heard

Colson Whitehead’s Hyper-Hyped Novel Feels Like a Classic

Theater »

Looking for Tiger Lily Deconstructs Assimilation with PowerPoint

It’s Anthony Hudson’s Hilarious Cabaret About Native American Identity

August Wilson Speaks in How I Learned What I Learned

At Portland Playhouse, A Freewheeling Meditation on Race and Art

The Gun Show Won’t Be a Hit with Everyone

But It Starts a Crucial Conversation About America

It’s Hard to Make it in Hollywood. It’s Harder if You Aren’t Human.

From an Orange is the New Black Writer, Trevor Is a Poignant, Funny Account of a Showbiz Chimp

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Kick Out the Jams

In Pursuit of Portland’s Classic Jukeboxes

The Newcomers’ Guide to Portland 2016

The Official Guide for Those New to Portland, Who Don’t Know a Single Goddamn Thing.

Fall Arts & Culture Guide

It’s Peak Art Season in Portland. Here’s Your Game Plan.

Out of Pocket: Portland’s Last Pay Phones

Coin-Operated Telephones Are Hard to Find in Portland—But They Can Still Be Necessary