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Things to Do Music: October 18-24

Noteworthy Shows This Week

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of October 18-24

Things To Do Film: October 20-26

The Evil Dead, an All-Night Horror Marathon, and More!

Things to Do Comedy: October 2017

Funny Things to Do All Month Long

Things to Do Food: October 2017

How to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for the Month of October

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Portland’s Old Brick Buildings Will Kill You

But As the City Ponders New Safety Standards, a Group of Property Owners is Fighting Back—and Winning

Why Is It So Hard to Figure Out What ICE is Up To?

Despite Increased Enforcement—and Misinformation—the Agency No Longer Has Public Information Staff in the Pacific Northwest

In Other News

Relaxed Camping Laws, Racist Backpedalling, and the Thorns Are Champions!

Portland Police Are Struggling to Defuse Tense Situations

A Damning New Report Suggests That’s Because They’re Not Being Trained

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Strange Ranger Returns with the Hazy Daymoon

The Portland Band’s Sophomore LP Features Less Screaming and More Fuzz

Record Review

Nasalrod, Building Machines

Sneaker Wave

Record Review: Dame D.O.L.L.A., Confirmed

Things to Do Music: October 18-24

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Film »

The Florida Project Is This Year’s Indie Darling

Give Brooklynn Prince All the Awards.

Ai Weiwei Captures an Overwhelming Human Flow

The Chinese Artist’s Film About the Global Refugee Crisis Packs a Wallop

Score: A Film Music Documentary Has No Theme

Sad Trombone.

Eat and Drink Guide Fall 2017 »

The Mercury’s Fall Eat & Drink Guide

Prepare for the Season of Eating!

Digesting Feast

A Recap of Portland’s Most Popular Food Festival

Soul Food, Redefined

Salimatu Amabebe’s Nigerian Pop-ups Are Spicing Up Portland’s Vegan Food Scene

The Cocktail Explorer’s Club

Local Drinks (and Drinkeries) You Have to Try

Oregon Cannabis Guide »

Read the 2017 Oregon Cannabis Guide!

The Mercury's Annual Mini-Magazine of All Things Weed Is Here

Two Promising New Cannabis Products Disappeared from Oregon Shelves. What Happened?

Drip Ice Cream and Luminous Botanicals Discuss the Speed Bumps in Oregon’s Maturing Market

Weed on the Teevee!

The Depiction of Cannabis on Television Has Matured in a Lot of Ways—But in Others, It Really Hasn’t

Please Shut Up About Indica Versus Sativa

You’re Starting to Sound Like You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

Cannabis »

How Does California’s Weed Compare to Oregon’s?

Part One: Checking Out San Francisco’s Dispensary Scene

My Neighbor’s Pot Grow Stinks! What Can I Do?

Under Oregon Law, Not Much

The Golden State Goes Green

California Makes Adult-Use Weed Legal on January 1. What’s Coming?

Who’s in Charge of Federal Weed Policy Right Now?

Two of the Three Most Important Positions Are Empty

Food and Drink »

In a Crowded Market, La Leña Picks Up Steam

With a solid stable of casual and homey dishes, this Peruvian restaurant is worth several visits.

Meet Portland’s Wine Shop For Standard-Issue Nerds, Not Cork Dorks

Pairings Portland Seeks To Demystify Wine Knowledge for People Who Aren’t Studying for a Sommelier Test

Short Round Proves Its Mettle

Fish Sauce's Sister Bar Shines

Where Have All the Oktoberfest Beers Gone?

Once the Dominant Fall Seasonal, Märzens Have Become Hard to Find

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Portland’s Pretty

Hitting the Floor on Motown Monday 

Looking Back on the 2017 Fashion Show Season

The Influx of People Moving to Portland From Other Parts of the Country Has Benefitted Local Designers... In Some Ways

Portland’s Pretty

Cute Looks at Portland Nursery

Sold Out

Fade to Light Fall Preview

Visual Art »

From Magic Realism to Spatial Imaginaries

October’s Art Shows and Performances to Have on Your Radar

The Mercury’s Fall Arts & Culture Guide

The Only Guide You’ll Need to This Season’s Finest Books, Visual Art, and NPR Hosts Singing Songs

The IPRC’s Narrow Escape

How the Publishing Organization Faced Portland’s Rental Crisis—and Survived

Vanessa Renwick, Accidental Visionary

The Unlikely Career of a Portland Experimental Filmmaker and Installation Artist

Comedy »

Toward a Less Cranky Union with Andy Zaltzman

The Comedian’s New Tour is a Salve for Disaffected News Junkies

Comedy Has a Diversity Problem.

Take My Wife’s Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher Know How to Fix It.

Jen Kirkman Returns to Portland with New Material

The Veteran Comedian Takes on Politics (and Dreams of QVC)

Meet The New and Improved Minority Retort

The Showcase Returns—with New Personnel and Headliner Debbie Wooten

Books »

Eileen Myles’ New Book is All About Her Dog (Unfortunately)

On Afterglow (A Dog Memoir) and the Complacency of Literary Success

Joe Hagan on the Rise of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone

Sticky Fingers: A Crawl Through Rock and Roll Journalism and American History

From Portland Chefs, Two Surprisingly Accessible New Cookbooks—And One Fancy-Pants One

Maya Lovelace’s Pimento Mac ’n’ Cheese and Ava Gene’s Salad Niçoise In Your Kitchen? It Can Be Done!

The IPRC’s Narrow Escape

How the Publishing Organization Faced Portland’s Rental Crisis—and Survived

Theater »

UPRISE Fuses Politics with Choreography

In an Uncertain World, Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater Keeps Moving Forward

At Shaking the Tree, Anti-Fascist Theater Is Relevant Again

It’s Alive and Well in Brecht’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Don’t Get Caught

Artists Rep’s New Play Has a Super Dumb Secret

Come to the Fun Home!

Alison Bechdel Gets the Musical Treatment—and It Actually Works

Feature »

Game On!

10 Great Reasons to Jump on the Blazers Bandwagon This Season

Blazer Fan Fashion

Portland Fans Know How to Show Up and Show Off

The Hollywood Theatre Wants to Save Film History—But First, It Needs to Save Movie Madness

The Fate of Portland’s Favorite Video Store Depends on an Ambitious Kickstarter

Okay, Cupid

A Portland Entrepreneur Curates Online Profiles for the Romantically Frustrated... But Does It Work?