Again and again, a gun massacre or terrorist attack. Then theres alarm and fear. Then increased security and safety. Yet again and again, complacency sets in. So lets stop with it. Lets do what you say. We must remain vigilant and aware. Keep security tight. Dont drop your guards. Again and again, it all decreases with time because a threat is no longer imminent? If the authorities are able to gather intel theres no threat, they must have information enough to find these people before they attack. But maybe the contentment happens because agencies dont want to budget the resources it takes to protect innocent civilians? So its kind of on them. When has a threat ever been predetermined or security in place to consequently oppose the threat in the moment? Thats what id like to see rather than all this aftermath and destruction. A terrorist getting shot with the bombs strapped to his balls. Now that's news! Yet theres the scrutiny of not showing restraint or de-escalation. Can you afford that though when lives are being destroyed? Again and again though, people doing any job can get complacent as well. You cannot end terrorism. Lets just say theyre too smart though and one step ahead.