I've lived around this part of North Portland for most of the last eight years. Almost three were spent up in St. Johns, a community I actually felt a part of and enjoyed walking around in, because people were usually pretty friendly. But I moved back near Mississippi about two years ago and the difference is so sad. "You can walk everywhere!" my boyfriend said about our new apartment. And to be honest, I can walk to get almost everything I need. Coffee, tea, groceries, sushi, donuts....it's all here, with a huge goddamn slab of free attitude on the side.

Maybe you realize that your shitty attitude makes my donut or whatever taste shitty too, and you like that. I understand service work sucks. Really. I'm a 12-year veteran myself. But my rule was always to treat people with kindness initially, only switching into beast mode when provoked. I'm sensitive, like a lot of people. Why should I inflict my bad day on someone who isn't actively trying to make it worse? But I guess that the difference between me and you is that it didn't take long to get work in better establishments with REAL tips, and then to get promoted to higher positions, where I could make even more tips. That's what happens when you attempt to conduct your working life with empathy. When you're not a dick to random strangers. Sorry your job sucks. Change your perspective and get a better one, maybe. Until then, enjoy that $25/day tip take-home, you surly-ass scrubs.