There was an accident this morning on 72nd between Holgate and Woodstock. A beat up, old volvo hit a dog in the road. The pooch was mortally wounded though still clinging to life when you, an older lady out for a power walk with big frizzy hair do and shaggy hippy clothes, showed up to comfort it during its final moments on this shit planet. I didn't have time to get off my bike. Had to go to work. So i'm glad you were there and take that dog's paw as it cried in misery. Another asshole driver distracted by texting I assume. I pray for the owners or if it was a stray that it didn't leave any puppies behind. I've been crying about it non stop. My coworkers think i'm off my meds or something. Most of them hate dogs so I don't tell them what happened. The boss is a misogynist pig and most of the other sales reps are air head yes men, eager to please at any cost. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you for the showing an animal some humanity in its last moments in this fucked up world.