Give me a reason! I sent about 40 emails, that took about 2 hours, to various farmers markets for creative opportunities. I heard back from about 7 of you. I've applied to about 5 jobs in the recent few months. I've heard back from 2 rejecting me for jobs I'm over qualified for. I graduated college and everything! Talk about qualifications? Lets! You want us to be qualified for this page long list of duties and requirements to pay me $10.50 an hour? What a joke for the opportunity to likely not hear back from you at all! So when one of you do respond back to me saying I should remain positive because you and your partner liked my ceramics the best, but because I said "i dont know what you mean by classical folk art, but I probably wont hear back from you anyway," you said you went with someone else. Give it a rest! The only reason I heard back from you is because I called you on it. Then you want to tell me I could've had sales starting today. Nice try to make me feel bad. I didn't. I wrote you back, not only are my prices a million a piece, but how can you guarantee me sales from your customers? You're not buying it but you're so sure your customers will?

I love these fox 12 commercials. "youre a true original, a fierce independant thinker." Don't forget unprofessional, lacking any integrity and I hate to use these words but lazy, entitled, flakes who play passive aggressive games. Fox 12 cannot be talking about Portland. As if true orginals don't exist in other cities!