Hey Californian companies, we all know you hate the idea of paying a higher minimum wage. Like most tax dodging entities, you are probably looking for some way to save those few extra dollars you would otherwise be paying the people who make your businesses run smoothly and who take the brunt of your customers abuse. My suggestion: outsource your call centers to Oregon! Why bother to offer moving assistance or any layoff perks, just ship the jobs North where the influx of transplants has already caused a glut of people willing to accept the bare minimum in the way of wages and benefits! The average pay for Customer Service agents has already dropped from $15 to $13 dollars an hour!

But why stop with those at the bottom? Move your entire business operations and "promise" to keep them in Oregon and you will most likely get massive tax deals aka "business incentives" that fortune 500 companies can only dream about in most states! You can hire and fire an internationally mobile workforce on three year contracts relying almost exclusively on H1B visa workers, all the while claiming you are paying Oregon workers above average wages! Or just hire temp or freelance workers, so benefits are out of the question! In 5, 10 or 20 years you can then move operations over the border to Vancouver if Oregon chooses not to renew your business incentives!

Oregon may have an awesome lifestyle, if you can afford it! And you can, so why not turn Oregon into your own 3rd world country!