We went with something else to look for our potential clients, so you may want to reach out to him?
Okay, how do you suppose I do that when you haven't provided any contact information?

If we have a space for you to fill, we will reach out to you.
In other words, I will never hear from you again.
That's what it means when someone says we will get back to you. No they won't.

You people are a joke. You people are vague. Why can't you just say what you mean? A business professional hero told me to never take things personally and be persistent. One, people like above make it hard not to take personally because I just don't know anyone in their even closest to right mind, that is looking for clients, business, work, to be so unclear, and to be so full of mixed messages. Two, why would anyone want to be persistent to a dead end?

It's like a fisherman, yes going fishing, with worms and guts on a hook, line in the river, fish all around, and ready to bite, but the fisherman keeps pulling his hook out the water before the fish bite.
Why no bites? Because you so stupid!