For those of you who joke about whether or not you'd survive the apocalypse, why don't you go to the Congo or Libya? There you can test out your "survival" and "zombie hunting" skills.

See, in those countries (among many others), it isn't a joke: It is an apocalypse on earth. The atrocities committed there on a daily basis would make any pulp fiction director shit their pants. It's not funny, it's not a toy and it's not a fantasy: It's real life. It's not something you imagine/fantasize over after downing your 5th beer and taking selfies with the bros or sisters: It's a reality.

I'm tired of pampered Americans longing for the apocalypse to come so that they can see "how they'd handle it." Well, I got news for all you: You'd all probably die. I'm certain most of you would immediately curl up in a fetal position, grab your phone to call mom and then kiss your ass goodbye.

So go and get it over with! Go to these countries and see how funny it is or shut the fuck up.