Its so hard to make friends. so hard to stay connected to old friends. Seeing new or old people on the streets, grocery stores, or bars, its exchange new numbers or "you got the same number, I do, well hit me up then." it never happens. I follow up to. Sometimes just for the sake of it. now starting a new job, we got to work with people. I try to get along. I want to get along. Nothing would be worse than hating my coworker all day and night. I got nice coworkers. Id never have anything bad to say about them or the work they do. Its just not that kind of place. Were all there to make money. Not friends. But we gotta talk to each to get through the day. Were all very different from very different lifestyles and cultures. one person, wed never be friends. Id never say never either except maybe now. They just go on and on about their entire life story. Kids. Family tree. Income. Job. Hobbies. Where they live. I go along. I play intrigued. I ask questions. By the second day, Im wanting to avoid this person. Its a drag. Id rather be in silence with my same old dreadful thoughts. Im happy when I got work to do or someone else tells me what to do or change the subject. The other thing is this person looks like theyre in misery all day. I knew then like I know now. Ill still be nice but the conversations are the type that are cringing and awkward. This person only talking, I know to pass time, to not work. I guess ill not be getting drinks with my coworkers to bitch about the company