So, it's great that someone hit my parked car and didn't have the decency to leave a note. Great, now I have to try and figure out just where I can go to get an my car fixed without being treated like an idiot by old white men who don't have the decency to look their customer in the eye. If my blood wasn't already near it's boiling point, if I didn't already feel like I was beat while down you gotta go and treat me like I'm completely incompetent. It's my hope that your mentality will stop now, that when you die we can be rid of such patriarchal bullshit. Will it ever end? I refuse to believe I'm too sensitive. I refuse to back down and behave. You men, you small minded privileged son's of bitches, you are missing out on what true equality feels like. You are bitter because you didn't get what you thought was your birthright, well booo hoooo. I shall take my business elsewhere.