Letter to the dude on last Thursday that called my pug and frenchie mutants. First time, my girl and I laughed. I know your trying to impress the chick your with. Flower behind your ear, plaid shirt, shaggy hair. Very hip. The second time you past us, you repeadtly called my babies mutants. I got pissed and told you to fuck off. Look, you little bitch. You wouldn't have lasted 30 seconds in Nepo in the 90s. I've earned my stripes and your lucky I didn't fuck you up in front of your lady. I'm gangster as fuck and spared you last night. A few years back I would've embarrassed you so badly, you'd be well on your way back to Connecticut. My city is soft now. I know that. But, all you transplants remember, there's still a few of us left here and we will fuck you up if disrespected. Hope you read this and thank the heavens my lady was with me.