Thank you for the lovely BBQ on this glorious day of our independence. I would like to say that I came into this with the understanding that you might "like" Indian culture, but boy, was I in for a surprise. Maybe you spent years tending for orphans in India, feeding the needy, or working on the environmental issues that have ravaged the environment in India - what do I know. I am willing forgive the Spotify "Bollywood top 40" playing on loop, your home made mispronounced "tandoori" chicken, but the bindis are the unforgivable element to the grossly unnecessary appropriation element to your party. Before your decide to immerse yourself in Indian culture please check your privilege, before flonting it as if it was your own. Do yourself a favor, google bindis the next time you feel like throwing a party and stealing from a culture that is not yours. Maybe to you they're party favors, but to others they hold tradition and worth, and our culture shouldn't be tossed around with your cobbler and IPA's. You are officially that offensive white person, congrats! You are on par with chicks in headdresses at Coachella and black face. I am sure this wasn't your first party like this and it most certainly won't be your last. The cobbler was delicious though!