It's hard to be a woman today, it is.

I live in a shithole apartment complex in SW. The rent just went up $120. The couple below me are alcoholics and fight all the time. Last week, in a fit of jealousy, she (who works for the State of Oregon) was beating the hell out of her husband (a veteran) after she cheated on, left him and threatened to take his pension.

It got so loud, I went downstairs to pound on the door. I beat on that door like a boxer and she didn't let him up. The manager arrives so they could "talk." It was all so civil. The husband emerges with shirt torn, neck red, crying and drunk. The cops come and she tells the cop to fuck off TO HIS FACE. She wasn't arrested, she wasn't removed from the property and she wasn't evicted. I had to let him stay at my place, cause I have nothing better to do. She is sitting pretty, watching the tv loudly and keeps her state job and isn't inconvenienced in the slightest.
Let me ask you something dear women of Porkland, how would it be if the husband had done the beating and told the cops directly to fuck off? Would he get to keep his job, not be arrested, sleep soundly in his place that night and not be evicted?
Let's ask Hilary.