I really wish people would stop driving with their arm hanging out of the window. People who hang their arms out their windows really tighten my jaw and I don't know why. I guess it indicates to me a certain kind of laziness, a kind of laissez faire that I find really annoying.

I can see you behind me getting closer, one hand on the steering wheel, the other one with the arm attached hanging out the window. Inevitably, people who hang their arms out their windows always tailgate, which only adds to my frustration. I mean, almost every driver in this town is a tail-gating idiot, but add into that an arm hanging out the window and you have a recipe for a severe headache.

It's almost always white men, too. White guys who seem to be a little too relaxed behind the wheel as they speed down the street. Perhaps it's their sense of entitlement and maybe because they've gotten their way their entire life that driving like a civilized human isn't on their "to-do" list.

"Here I come, man, another entitled white dude who drives like an asshole with my sun-burned arm hanging out the window… move over or I'll tailgate you like the rude sonofabitch that I am."

It's getting to be too much, so will everybody quit driving with your arm hanging out the window? I'd super appreciate it.