So much is happening with the homeless situation in Portland from major confusion to those who want to help in some big or small way. I am not a homeowner, and have accumulated things to giveaway. The thrift stores are my guilty pleasure, and my tiny apartment is getting ready for a purge.

I bought a tent 2 years ago, and it is needing a new home. So wherever and whenever the city comes up with sufficient shelter to meet the needs of the homeless, please tell us what you need from donations, where you have a drop off station and what kind of volunteers you need. I think it is time is to address for real, the neighborhoods that have seen so many unsafe situations because of how the poor exist where they are not welcome. Many are watching our city to see how we get this situation under control. These people need help,volunteers,food, and decent safe housing. Please help by telling me how to help. City fathers, get it together and tell us what is needed to move these people to better housing. It starts with you, so find some decent housing for the poor.