I haven't gone on a date in well over a year, but your OKC profile struck a chord with me. So, we messaged for a few days and decided to meet. Upon meeting, I saw that your photos did you no justice, you were more beautiful in person. We had a drinks and the conversation flowed, we laughed, talked about our past and even discussed dark things. In the middle of our date, I thought to myself how much I was enjoying your company; I couldn't believe it.

The date ended and we hugged goodbye. I drove home on cloud nine, but deep down inside I knew I'd never hear from you again. I was right. I emailed you later that night to say I had a great time and would love to hang out again. Nothing creepy or lovey-dovey... just a "Hey, I had fun. If you want to do it again, I'm on board" kind of email. Real casual-like.


I waited 3 days before writing once more to say that I got it, but wanted to wish you good luck. I again never heard back from you.

Now I'm wondering what went wrong? Did I say something rude or offensive? Did I look worse than what my photos portrayed? Was it that I'm a minority and my summer skin was just a little too tan for you? I honestly don't have a clue.

I can take a "I wasn't feeling it" email, but it's the not knowing that eats at me the most. I know you are in no way obligated to tell me anything, but it's just weird, you know? I really thought we hit it off. First date in over a year and it ends in a mystery...