To the dickhead cyclist on SE Foster who called us assholes, flipped us off, and skipped his breaks to try and get us to hit him, let me explain a few things to you. We had no idea you were hanging onto our truck until we needed to switch lanes. I leaned out and told you to let go so we could switch lanes. Your response of "Could you not be an asshole?" was really dumb. You're not special for riding your bike on Foster, we (and a lot of people) do it, too. You may not know that "bi" means two, and "cycle" comes from the Greek "kuklos," which means wheels. TWO WHEELS. Two wheels does not mean you can hang onto cars to get SIX wheels. Do you not know how to ride a bike with two wheels? Is that why you grabbed onto another car after you flipped us off? Skipping your breaks was really shitty and you weren't wearing a helmet. When someone hits you (and it'll probably happen), it'll most likely be your fault.