To the bitch who came into my salon: you were one of the worst clients I have ever encountered. You were nodding off in my chair because of all the opiate pills you consumed before coming in. When you weren't nodding off you were waking up and moving a lot to answer your phone and post your classy escorting ads on backpage. My fellow stylists and clients had to listen to your setting up "appointments" with your sperm facial experts, because you had your phone have on speaker every time they called. Every time you moved, you set back the process by several minutes. After several hundred dollars worth of services at my salon for hair and waxing and putting up with your lack of manners, you gave the receptionist my tip for the 4 hours I worked, to make sure your hair looked good with jizz on it while you were "working". Your tip of a dollar after having to deal with you both professionally and politely was more insulting than if you hadn't tipped me at all. Unfortunately for you, I overheard the call from the john who booked you and the exact address he gave you. One little phone call from me ruined your night as I saw your arrest photo for prostitution on the police website a few hours after your lack of tipping me. Your hair looked fierce, but maybe you'll remember not to piss off your stylist much less a gay one who can be just as petty as you. Happy Hooking bitch!