We are responsible. We, you , I. Daily. For the lead. For the cadmium. Because of our expectations, our lifestyle. We buy the lycra clothes*, the shiny car, the new refridgerator, the stained glass lamp. Us. We buy the houses wrapped in plastic and concrete board, the TVs, the computers. The teflon pans. The vinyl hose, the earbuds. ALL OF IT CREATES POISONS, chemicals with long long names and even longer effects. Even if some of it is 'properly' contained.... Heck, turn on a light and YOU are causing pollution. One ounce of weed grown indoors has a bigger footprint than bike riding all year can negate**. IT'S US PEOPLE. So the next time they find a few toxic barrels of something or a new chemical that causes cancer, PLEASE STOP pinning the blame on someone and change our ways, somehow. We did it to ourselves, craving shiny. The only folks that can claim immunity on this one are the Luddites, the Quakers, the Amish....and that axe weilding fellow on PBS with the little hat.
Shiny is not worth the poison it comes with . Shiny is dull. Low tech/no tech will literally save your life.
*for fun, look up what wearing lycra does to your body
**Unless you ride more than 900 miles a year give or take. It means that every joint (of INDOOR GROWN Cannabis) you smoke requires the same amount of energy to produce as leaving a 100-watt light bulb on for 17 hours, or driving a 44-mile-per-gallon vehicle for 15 miles. So 60 joints (an ounce) x 15 miles=900 joint