After watching Easy Rider for at least 10 times and wanting to express myself in such a individualistic way, I felt it was time to buy my first bike. I searched and searched until I found a Ducati 750 GT, but it was priced well above my budget. No worries, I simply asked my parents to foot the bill and like my rent, health insurance, utility bills, clothing costs and fun money, they did.

Shortly before the bike was mine, I went online to purchase magazines from the 1970's to base my attire on the trends of yesteryear. It was relatively easy to imitate a fashion that had long come and gone, but since I have no style or opinion of my own, it was something I had to do.

As my "gear" was in route, I grew a handlebar mustache and let my hair go unkempt. Gear delivered, I was now ready to show the world how much of an individual I was. I dressed in my clothing, walked outside to my vintage bike only realize that I didn't have a frikin helmet. Shoot! No worries, mom and dad were at the ready to buy me a vintage, one-of-a-kind helmet for a mere $398.99. It was a steal.

Now that I have my look, I'm certain you'll see me around town any minute now and be impressed. Go ahead and say/wave hi, though I may not respond since I'm a unique sort of person who really doesn't mingle with common folk. But say/wave hi nonetheless!